Will Joseph Cook Asks You To “Take Me Dancing”

Will Joseph Cook, a 19-year-old musician from Kent, has just released a hugely addictive indie pop masterpiece. His new song “Take Me Dancing” is starry-eyed and emotional. Will believes that the best sad songs are the ones with an element of hope or optimism. His new song isn’t a dark sounding lonely ballad, however, it’s melancholic. 

”Melancholy has this feeling that things can change. I want to lift people’s mood musically, but then I want to mix it up with a confusion of emotions,” he told Stereo Board.
The guitar riffs on “Take Me Dancing” are based around Will’s different day dreams. The song has an electronic sound and its summer beats indicate that summer is well under way. Are Will’s amazing vocals, melancholic lyrics and a great hook enough to make “Take Me Dancing” your favourite song of the summer?

Listen to “Take Me Dancing” below…

Isn’t there too much misery in pop charts? The main theme of his debut album is about trying to see the positive side of life. Will isn’t interested in creating misery pop, he wants his music to be more uplifting. 

In little over a year, the musician released two EPs “You Jump I Run” and “Proof Enough”, and has amassed over 8 million streams worldwide. Despite the success, Will Joseph Cook seems to be very down to earth. He’s the kind of guy who finds humour in anything and everything. His British humour is evident in the video for his last single titled “Girls Like Me”. The video was written and created by the young Kent native himself. The cheeky video features Will speed dating various female versions of himself before finding a true love outside the setting. The irony of this scenario is well represented by the colours used in the video.

Check out the funny video below…

How does Will see his future?

”I guess just getting the music out to more people, make music videos, play shows, the ropes. There isn’t really an end game, I just wanna stay happy and making stuff I think is cool,” he said in his recent interview with Euph.

Will is currently supporting Walking On Cars and you can catch him on tour at the following dates:

June 6th – Brighton, Concorde (Walking On Cars support)

June 8th – Birmingham, [email protected] Academy 2 (Walking On Cars support)

June 10th – Manchester, The Ruby Lounge (Walking on Cars support)

June 21st – London, Boston Music Room (Headline Show)

July 1st – Barn On The Farm

July 29th – Leefest

July 30th – Leopalllooza

July 31st – Y Not Festival

August 26th – Leeds Festival

August 28th – Reading Festival

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