Your Body Is Trying To Tell You Something

It’s always easy to reflect on a difficult situation and convince yourself you saw it coming. It dims the sense of shock, and makes you feel like a psychic, right?

But you know what, sometimes I think we do know. Our bodies have the knack of telling us when something isn’t right. It screams at us to act – but most of the time we ignore it, plodding on regardless – whether that be in a job, relationship, or if you’re just trying to fit a whole doughnut in your mouth at once.

Indecision is a bitch

Are you in some sort of rut in your life? Perhaps you can’t work out whether a relationship is right for you or if you should quit your job. If so, chances are you have gone over and over the pros and cons for both staying and calling it quits.

Herein lies rational thinking – attempting to weigh up the solution. This takes a lot of mind power and if you’re anything like me, it becomes near impossible to come to a decision. There are always pros and cons to ruminate on.

So – how can we ever come to a solution to questions such as “Is this person good for me?” or “Is this job fulfilling and stimulating my mind?”

There may be a simpler solution than you think.

Listen to yourself

We are often so preoccupied with attempting to rationalise with our minds, that we forget we have another intrinsic “voice” to listen to.

Think of times where you felt a strong emotion. Perhaps you were happy and excited, or you were in a very low place. How did you know? Sure, your mind analysed the situation. But your body did too. When we’re happy with a situation, our bodies feel energised. When we’re sad, our bodies are sluggish.

A lesson I’ve learned

The key is to listen to your body. How do you feel when you are doing your job? Or when in the company of your partner? Or when in the midst of any other situation that you are questioning?

Perhaps you feel exhausted, get a lot of headaches, feel randomly nauseous or on edge. All of these factors could be the offset of your surroundings, rather than an underlying health issue. And these signs may be your body’s way of telling you that it’s not happy with where it’s at.

How do I know right? Well I have tried to ignore these feelings in both a past job and relationship. You assume there’s an underlying health issue and carry on regardless, firmly burying your head in the sand.

But once my situation changed, I realised all along it was my environment. I needed to fill my body with positive energy, and that wasn’t coming from the work I was doing or the relationship I was throwing my effort into.

So, the lesson I’ve learned? We too often separate body and mind, when we should be taking direction from both.