JOY. Olivia McCarthy – The Australian newcomer and muse

JOY. is a project by Olivia McCarthy, an 18 year old vocalist and producer from Brisbane, who represents just one of Australia’s amazing newcomer talents in the music industry. Following a mix of indie and pop music, Olivia creates her own beats at night and becomes a student during the day. She started playing the classical piano in youth, before changing her style to electronica. Her gentle vocal voice is accompanied by a strong beat and sound – giving her music depth as well as a soft character.

385Courtesy of Khristina Childs

After releasing the first debut single ‘Captured’ in 2014, her recent song ’About Us’ tells the story of a hopeless romance revealing true young love. A sound you want to listen to the whole day long when lovesickness takes over. McCarthy named her debut EP ‘Ode’, referring to Beethovens Ninth Symphony – as in the Ode to Joy, which she produced in just one week in her bedroom.

Right now she is also working in Los Angeles collaborating with the Weeknd and the producer of Eminem’s past albums, DJ Khalil. After her upcoming tour with electro boyband ‘Miami Horrow’, she will release another EP, followed by an album. It’s hard to imagine, this talented, mature musician has only just graduated.

Watch Joy’s latest music video for ‘About Us’ below…

Photo Courtesy of Khristina Childs
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